Search Query for Custom Attributes in Catalogs

Hi, I need a way to store stock IDs from an external system into Square. Custom Attributes look like a good solution, except I’ve been unable to perform a search or ‘get’ using the custom attribute which leaves me either having to retrieve all catalog items and then do my own search on them, or risk putting the ID somewhere which may be visible/editable to a user.

I’ve posed this on Slack and Stephen Josey confirmed that there is not a way to search with custom attributes and said to make a feature request.


Hey there,
Glad to hear Custom Attributes could be a solution here, but you’re correct that you cannot list/search the catalog by these values yet. We’re working to add this option to the Catalog Search endpoint soon. Keep an eye on upcoming version releases!

This shows up in search results but now there is a search feature for this. Call the SearchCatalogItems Endpoint