Catalog API - .NET SDK - CatalogObject.CustomAttributeValues is always null


I am using the Square Catalog API via the .NET SDK, specifically the SearchCatalogObjectsAsync function, to get all the Catalog objects of all types. The issue I am having is that CatalogObject’s CustomAttributeValues is always null even though I have created Custom Attributes using my seller dashboard and set values for them on various Items. Is there something special I need to or a different way to access the CustomAttributeValues of an Item?

Thank you

I was finally able to get the CustomAttributeValues populated for an Item. Instead of entering the custom attribute value in the custom attribute field that automatically shows up for every item after creating a custom attribute, I clicked on the Create Custom Attribute button on the Item form. In other words, I was having trouble when I entered the custom attribute in the first input field highlighted below which is the one that automatically shows. But things started working when I manually added the second input field highlighted below. It’s kind of confusing.

Was this in production or sandbox? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply Bryan. This was in PROD.