Adding custom attribute via api

I am creating some items dynamically and want to add a custom attribute to it. The item gets created, but I can’t seem to ponder out how to set the custom attribute. What is incorrect about this payload for catalog upsert?

    "idempotency_key": "960c9040-c5b6-489e-99fe-1e299b72291e",
    "object": {
    "id": "#9587409476667",
        "type": "ITEM",
                "boolean_value": true,
                "key": "Square:e571c7c0-3d65-4b3b-983e-81b546299422",
                "custom_attribute_definition_id": "6GEYCCI2LFES6G6AR63425LK",
                "type": "BOOLEAN",
                "name": "HideOnline"
            "availableOnline": true,
            "availableForPickup": true,
            "availableElectronically": true,
            "is_archived": true,
            "name": "Mother's Day Gift Basket",
            "description": "1 x Daffodil - 4in\r\n1 x Daffodil - 6in\r\n1 x Azalea - 4.5in\r\n1 x Hyacinth - 4in\r\n1 x Metal Hanging Flower Pot",
                    "id": "#9587409476664var",
                    "type": "ITEM_VARIATION",
                        "sku": "9587409476664",
                            "amount": 4332,
                            "currency": "USD"
                        "pricing_type": "FIXED_PRICING"

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I am apparently great at asking the question and then immediately seeing the issue. I have a property incorrectly named.

Glad to hear you figured it out. :slightly_smiling_face: