Printing custom barcodes & assigning custom attributes

I’m looking for two things that I do not think are currently possible but thought I’d ask anyway.

  1. We have a need to print a custom (per order) bar code on the receipt that ideally gets printed to Square hardware as a result of a successful transaction. I couldn’t find anything in the API’s but thought I’d ask publicly in case I’m missing something.

  2. When a item is chosen to be purchased we’d love to be able to pop and iframe or something similar that would display a website of our choosing (based on the item) where the customer could choose something and that would get communicated back to Square as an attribute on the purchase. As an example a small t-shirt is picked and then an iframe is displayed that lists logos that can be printed on the shirt. Selecting that logo adds some meta data / attributes to the purchase and then it completes normally.

I’m assuming both of these use cases are new features (for Square) or custom work but again wanted to ask publicly. TIA

Hi @asrob welcome to the forums!

  1. Correct, that’s not something that is currently possible unfortunately. There’s no way to edit the receipt format at all.
  2. Also not possible within the given Square POS (we do not offer the ability to extend the app, so there’s no way to do any custom work directly on it).

To be clear, we do offer Reader SDK, Terminal API, and POS API (Take In-Person Payments with Square APIs and SDKs) that would allow you to create your own point of sale application to handle in person payments, and you would be able to make these two technically work with your own logic.

@sjosey Thank you Stephen for getting back so quickly.

We were hoping to not have to go down the road of building a POS ourselves especially since every conversation has lead to new feature requests. The terminal API may have to work for what we’re trying to do. Appreciate your help.

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I know this is an old post but I just wanted to confirm #1 and #2 are still not supported unless we directly integrate with the Reader SDK, Terminal API, POS API.

Hey @asrob, welcome back! Yes, this is still the case. You would have to write your own point of sale app logic to handle this use case. This isn’t something that Square Point of Sale has features to support currently.

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