Catalog API - catalog/search not retrieving item with sku

For almost a year now, my custom program that I built has been searching items with the sku. My program has stopped working in the past day or so. Come to find out, all I get from my search now is.

  "latest_time": "2021-09-02T21:54:15.432Z"

I tried text_query and exact_query to no avail. So since this is in the questions category, my questions are, is the sku search coming back, it’s been over 24 hours now, if not, is there another way to search by sku? Is there another section of the Square site that I should be reporting this problem?

Thank you for any help provided.

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I had an issue with this as well.

I found that the fix was to select ITEM_VARIATION in object_types

So I ended up with

    "begin_time": "2021-21-06T12:00:00Z",
    "query": {
      "exact_query": {
        "attribute_name": "sku",
        "attribute_value": "MYBARCODE"
    "object_types": [

Hope this helps!


Thank you. I wish that I could have had this a couple of months earlier. It took me a few hours… many hours, but I was able to do a work around by using v2/catalog/search-catalog-items instead. I’ll have to remember this if my workaround stops working in the same manner.