Fixed SKU with leading zero but cannot search with new correct SKU

Hello, I had SKUs that were incorrectly entered without their leading 0s. For example:

2349234 should’ve been 0039389234

I fixed these using the import excel tool and everything went fine. When I go to the item in the library, the SKU is correct. The problem is, I cannot search for the item using the new correct SKU (039389234). I get no results. The old incorrect SKU (39389234) works, and it gives me the new SKU as the result. This problem extends to the Catalogue API with the same problem. I should note that some of the SKUs I corrected do work as they should, it’s just that some don’t. Is there any resolution to this? Thank you.

Sorry to hear that! Could you provide a location_id and an example catalog_object_id of one of the items that are experiencing this so I can take a closer look?