Send the invoice reminder to other email which is not associated with invoice


We have created one invoice and send it to customer using invoice API. So customer got the invoice in his/her mailbox. Now, customer has changed the EmailId in square and wants to get reminder emails in new EmailId for that invoice.

Is it possible? How we can do this using Invoice API?

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Yes, it is possible to update the email address associated with an invoice. However, it’s important to note that the email address is actually associated with the customer profile, not the invoice itself.

To update the email address, you would need to use the Customers API to update the customer profile. You can do this by calling the UpdateCustomer endpoint and providing the new email address.

Once the customer profile is updated, any future communication related to the invoice, including reminders, will be sent to the new email address. However, please note that the change in email address will not affect already sent invoices. For those, you would need to resend the invoice manually after updating the customer’s email address.

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Hi, Thanks for reply.

Is it possible to copy another email in invoice reminder?

We are sending invoice reminders email to customers. But we want to add another email in “cc” of mail when we send invoice reminder to customer.

Can we achieve this using Invoice API?

At this time the ability to cc additional recipient’s to invoices created with the API isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face: