Question on Square Loyalty API + New Sign Ups Overview on the Dashboard

I’m able to create new Square Loyalty accounts, but I’ve noticed they don’t show up in the “New Sign Ups” area of the Loyalty Overview immediately. Should they be or is there some sort of delay between a customer signing up for loyalty and it showing up in the overview?

Seeing the same behavior as you. It sounds like this may be how it works unfortunately, but I’ll follow up after checking in with the Loyalty team.

Hi Stephen, any update on why this might be happening? The merchant I was working with unfortunately decided to cancel their Square Loyalty program because it had been nearly a month with no activity in their loyalty dashboard, so they couldn’t analyze if Square Loyalty was worth it.

Do we have a definite answer on how long it takes for new sign ups to show up in the dashboard?

Hi @onajartm, This is on top of mind for the team and we can follow up once it’s fixed. The experience can definitely be improved. :slightly_smiling_face: