Not able to create subscription plans in the sandbox dashboard although possible in production

Am I missing something or the sandbox dashboard is not mirroring the production dashboard on the payments items, only 2 choices (invoices and gif card) again 5 (including subscription plan) in production :slightly_frowning_face:

and for production

It should have subscriptions. What’s your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sandbox Application ID

I reached out to the team about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

thks Bryan
keep me posted :wink:

I must add that there are no orders in the sandbox dashboard either although I have plenty when requesting via API see screenshots below

Hey @ludovic! We’re still looking into why Subscriptions is missing from your Sandbox. The orders behavior you’re seeing is expected though: Orders will only show on your dashboard if they are both fully paid for and have fulfillment details included on the order (whereas the API will return all orders unconditionally).

Hi @josh-square,

thks for the reply, I installed and experimented in the sandbox with the node project “quickstart” that the square has done and I made payments (and subscriptions)
I’m not sure by what you mean about “fulfillment details” though

Fulfillment details refer to the information needed to process an order for things like shipment or delivery. You can read more about it here :slight_smile:
Order Fulfillments

Oh I see, thanks and sorry for the trivial question

No worries, we’re here to help!

@josh-square any news about the main subject ? :wink:

The team identified a root cause, and we’re working on a fix :slight_smile:

I see…Is that a general pb or specific to my account ?

It was a general issue affecting sandbox on all French accounts. It should be resolved now though! Can you check your sandbox and verify if you’re able to access Subscriptions?

Yes it looks alright now,

Thks guys !

There are difference in the menu though, I can only disable a plan but not modify it, or duplicate it like in production,

Links can’t be activated but it is maybe normal in sandbox mode

Glad you’re able to access it now! There are some expected restrictions with the dashboard, where Subscription Plans created via API will have limited functionality.