Subscriptions API Beta

We’re excited to announce our first Subscriptions API in beta! Now you can create, retrieve, and update subscription plans from any third-party platform. This includes enrolling customers in subscriptions and generating billing on a recurring basis.

The API offers features like multiple billing cadences (e.g. biweekly, monthly, or annually) and billing phases (e.g. free trials or discount periods). Once subscriptions have been created, sellers can view and manage their subscriptions in the Square Dashboard.

The Subscriptions API is available publicly to developers in the U.S., CA, UK, AU, and JP. Learn more in the Subscriptions API Documentation.

Feel free to ask questions on our Slack channel or here in the forums!

When is the Beta period going to end for Subscriptions API and Invoices API?

Unfortunately we don’t have a specific timeline that we could share publicly on when that date would be.

I’m getting an error when I try to enter the pricing&subscriptions in sandbox dashboard. The error I get is “Oh no, something went wrong.
It looks like we are experiencing some problems on our end.”

Is the sandbox dashboard going to have this capability?

Hi @Spiderwoman, that page is supposed to work but not necessarily for the Subscriptions API. That page is for managing subscription services that you have with a Square account (like Loyalty API).

Thank you for reporting this, as we discovered there was an issue preventing that page from loading that we have now resolved. If it still isn’t loading for you, please let us know.

Thank you! Where on the dashboard would I be able to see the subscriptions created with the Subscription API?

Currently you cannot manage subscriptions using the Sandbox Dashboard. You’d have to manage them using the API, or create subscriptions in your production account if you’re wanting to validate how a Seller would interact with subscriptions. You’ll find the subscriptions at in your production seller account.

That’s a HUGE bummer. Any time you have an API for something, you need to be able to manage it also on the dashboard. For this reason I won’t spend time testing this. Our facility customers want to be able to manage things in their POS system or at least in their web dashboard.

Oh, you can still manage subscriptions made in production in the Seller dashboard at

It only isn’t supported in the Sandbox dashboard that you use for testing. So if you go into your Sandbox seller dashboard (URL looks like and manually added “/subscriptions” to that URL, you wouldn’t be able to load that page.

Your facility customers should still be able to manage subscriptions you create in the Square web dashboard.

I tested that on my live dashboard and when I put that URL in, I get the same error as I did earlier.
“Oh no, something went wrong.
It looks like we are experiencing some problems on our end.”

It turns out that you must first create a checkout link in your account for this section to appear.

You can go to to create a checkout link, and after doing so, you should see an option for “Subscriptions” available in the nav.