Order not showing in sandbox dashboard for /v2/orders

Created an order via the /v2/orders endpoint and it doesnt appear in the sandbox dashboard. I already looked through similar posts and couldn’t resolve the issue. The order id is: 0layEgzuka9dy2hB3DNEIGLKHc4F

The order hasn’t been paid for. The payment attached to it was voided, so it will not show up. Only orders with CAPTURED payments will show.

Also, it doesn’t have a fulfillment, which is the other requirement from the other posts. The order has to have a fulfillment and be paid for in order to show up on the dashboard.

I know this is old, but it’s the most relevant question to the problem I’m having. There was also this post that is basically the same issue, but no where in that thread does anyone mention that the orders also have to be paid for like in the reply above.

I’m using the createPaymentLink endpoint in the checkout api. When I create a payment link request, it returns a payment link URL and an orderId (even though I’m not sure why an order should be generated before anyone even goes to the payment link, let alone pays at the payment link).

Anyway, I’m able to use the order id to request the order details without a problem. I’m even able to get the fulfillment uid, and use both to update the order and change the fulfillment state to COMPLETED and change the entire order state to COMPLETED. But the orders are still not showing up in my sandbox dashboard under the orders section. The transactions are showing up under the transactions section, but the orders are not. I can still retrieve and update the orders with the order id through the APIs, but not in the console.

So this thread adds on to say that the order also has to also be paid for in order to show up in the dashboard. So I tried to use the create payment endpoint of the payments api, and when I try to create a payment for this order, it says BAD REQUEST because “The order is already paid.”.

So how do I use the create payment link endpoint to have a user pay for something, and see the orders in my sandbox dashboard? Or is that just not an option? Do payments made with the create payment link only show up under “transactions” section in the dashboard? If that’s the case, then why are they even creating orders that can only be accessed with the APIs?

Unfortunately with the Payment Links in sandbox it won’t show in the orders section of the Dashboard. I can assure you that it does in production. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad I found this. I was running into the same issue and thought I was doing something wrong.

using wordpress/woocommerce.
setup to test with sandbox
created an order from the website and paid with square provided Visa test card numbers
no payment shows up in sandbox…

WHAT GOOD is the ENTIRE sandbox system if you cannot see a test payment actually POST to the sandbox dashboard LOL.

You developed all this with a sandbox and the MOST BASIC of functions cannot even be tested. Thats hilarious.

Hope i didnt do anything wrong BUT I will never know if it works in production until a stranger somewhere else in theworld actually buys something live…then I test some more OR I NEVER receive a payment and they never receive a product because I could not TEST…

Successful payment in sandbox will show on you sandbox Dashboard. Are you accessing the sandbox Dashboard from the Developer Dashboard?