Newbie on a deadline :-)

Hi, I’m new here. Have a PHP member-based site that’s been up 24/7 since 2012 with almost no downtime (hosted on Amazon AWS EC2). It has been totally free until now. But we want to add a feature to allow horse show organizers to define parameters for a new show, and then accept entries to that show. The organizer will pay us directly, and that can be by a check if need be, though using square would be better. But what we really want to use square for is to collect entry fees from anyone filling out an entry. And entry fees should be paid directly to the organizer, not to us.

According to this, we should be able to do this “using OAUTH to connect to other sellers accounts so your application can take actions on their behalf”. Poking around here, in the documents, and on github, regarding the PHP SDK, I can’t see how to get started with this. Can someone please point me in the right direction? My boss wants to be able to start accepting entries in September…

A separate, less critical, issue is that in addition to cards, we’d also like to be able to accept PayPal payments. I saw somewhere in the docs here that square supports PayPal payments, but that it “requires changes to your account”, but no details on exactly what changes are required - and nothing about PayPal payments in any of the payment method documentation that I’ve found.

Thanks very much for any help!

Hi! :wave: You can find our docs for getting started with OAuth here: OAuth API Overview

Square does not support making payments through PayPal. Do you remember where in the docs you saw this mentioned?