Why is this so difficult?

I run a dance competition. I am NOT a developer. All I wanted was to switch from PayPal to Square. When our registration site was originally setup, PayPal provided an API account and password - easy. I have read 20 articles on how to obtain Access tokens, Application IDs, etc for Square. Obviously I am no developer - I don’t know what the articles are trying to tell me.

I create tickets for Square and they are never addressed. I just got off a chat session and the tech (Sandra) simply said she was stepping away and that someone else would contact me - she doesn’t even know how to do it!

How is this not as easy or easier than PayPal? No wonder Square is going nowhere.

Please don’t send me links to Square articles for Developer - they make no sense to me.

I am a developer and I find some of this stuff really challenging, mostly to do with different terminologies.

What is it you’re wanting to do? Are you trying to accept payments for your dance competition? Are the payments in person or online? Are they all the same price?

Happy to help here. Our developer tools and documentation is geared towards developers and it can be confusing if your not familiar with the terms. The Square advocates aren’t trained on our developer tools like our Developer Success team is.

Since your not a developer and our developer tools aren’t going to solve for your use case lets take a step back and start with what your trying to accomplish. I can then point you in the right direction on what product to use. :slightly_smiling_face:

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