API Error: "Account has not been enabled to take payments"

Hi, I’m trying to fix an issue for one of my clients. All of my clients use the same code base, but only this one client is having an issue, so I’m confident that it’s a problem with their account, not the code.

The error message returned from the Square API is:
“code”: “BAD_REQUEST”,
“detail”: “This account has not been enabled to take payments”

The account belongs to the American Ballroom Company, recently created (about two weeks ago I believe), and the location ID they created for the app is LAEC8TA6J305J.

I was not aware that accounts had to be “enabled”, as none of my clients in the past had this issue. We just signed them up and it worked immediately.

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!

Hi @Waltz123,

Before you can accept card payments through your Square account, you’ll need to complete the last step, which includes a basic identity verification. To complete the activation process:

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard > click Setup Guide .
  2. Select Get Paid > Verify Your Identity .