Ability to manage affiliates and their sales

Has anyone attempted tackling this yet? I’m loving the square online platform, but it doesn’t seem like there are any well thought out ways to manage affiliates or track their sales included in the platform or the API. Does anyone have any ideas about how to go about this?

What exactly do you mean by affiliates? Are you referring to other merchants (like using your app to track Square merchant sales)? You can definitely track sales in general (Payments API and Orders API), and you can also track sales of other merchants via the OAuth API, but not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you’re really after, could you clarify?

Thanks for the responses! I’m a junior dev, and i’m not completely familiarized with the business terms! Basically this is the goal:

  1. Allow for a person who is not in the core business to sign up to become an affiliate. I was planning on creating an SPA with a database to handle their info.

  2. Allow that new affiliate to build a cart using the SquareConnect.CheckoutApi (possibly adding their affiliate_id that i have made in the database to the metadata of the order)

  3. Let the affiliate email a link of the cart to a customer.

  4. Once the customer clicks on the link, they are redirected to a pre-populated cart, and they could modify / purchase the items in that cart.

  5. Upon payment, I’d need to track the the affiliate_id I added to the order metadata and the payment total back to my database.

I was looking at trying to use the team members as a possible solution, but it doesn’t sound like that is a good fit.

Thank you again!