Questions on working with orders from Square Merchant apps

Hello, I am in the process of developing a rewards program for a friends business and I’m trying to figure out a way to set up the rewards points tracking. I have a couple different options on how to accomplish this.

  1. Build in the updating process into the merchants Square POS system (this would be the easiest option overall but I don’t know if I can edit the main application)

  2. Access the orders from a separate application on a separate device. My plan on this would be printing the order number/id onto the receipt either as a QR code or a string, then pulling the order from the square orders API and parse the items and then distribute the points in that fashion.

Would number 1 even be an option or is number 2 essentially my only option

Is this for in-person payments, or order-ahead payments? If you’re doing in-person payments, I believe things like the POS API or ReaderSDK should already implement the loyalty programs like the current base POS does. You can use the new Loyalty API to look up reward information for your customers.

Like for option 1 I’m not clear on what you’re trying to do exactly. The POS system already has a loyalty program built-in if the seller chooses to use it, can you clarify what you’re wanting to do?

Sorry for the late reply, I was visiting my parents out of town.

My client is looking to do an intricate custom loyalty program that includes doing knowledge testing to move to the next tier. I am essentially building the rewards program from the ground up to their requirements.

My plan was to get the order number/idempotency key printed on the customers receipt (string or QR/bar code), so that when they go to the rewards station, they can type or scan the order number. The loyalty station would then go and get the information from that order through the orders API and parse the rewards points based on what they ordered. If they reach the next point tier, it would then give them the quiz they would have to pass to gain the next level.