How to send the PickUp address Details to Square Online

In Orders console i cant able to see the PickUp details Address

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Order-Ahead Sample Application

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When we are going to create Checkout Payment for order how can verify our pickup order can you give api reference


I wanted to Post the PickUp and Delivery Address in Orders Dashboard

Since this is a PICKUP order the address that’s in the fulfillment isn’t shown in the Dashboard. If it’s DELIVERY then the address will be shown. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there is a way to show the Delivery Address in Orders dashboard?

Yes, have you signed up for the closed beta? If your application retrieves a DELIVERY fulfillment order, it cannot access fulfillment delivery_detailsDescribes delivery details of an order fulfillment.Property unless you are a Square partner developer and have signed up for the closed DELIVERY Beta. For more information, see DELIVERY type fulfillment. :slightly_smiling_face: