Shipping Address Display in Square POS "Orders"

I am currently working with itsacheckmate to complete api integrations from my delivery platforms ( grubhub, ubereats, doordash, etc ) to my Square POS.

The issue that I cannot seem to get help with is related to the customer address in the “ship to” section of an integrated order in my Square POS. I have been told by the engineers that square has a “character limit” on the “ship to” section on an order ticket and this is preventing the full data that is sent to square from being displayed on order tickets or even in the order details page in the square dashboard.

Can another developer help me to understand how to overcome this limitation? I am looking to have my customers full delivery address, including street number, street name, apartment number print on my integrated square order tickets, or at a minimum be able to be looked up by staff members on the orders tab of the square POS. Currently all that is displayed in this section is the customer name, city, and zip code.

Thank you all for any help you can provide!

:wave: Do you have an example order_id that doesn’t have the full address so we can take a look? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response Bryan, please forgive me as I am new to all this side of things.

order_id ==> 35029144 is an order that originated from This was successfully passed into Square however the customer address was not fully loaded and was not saved into the Square POS “Order”.

On this particular order another issue was that the customer phone # that passed into square was actually my store phone # not the customers.

I appreciate any and all help you can provide, Thank you so much!

I’ll need to order_id of the order that’s retuned by the API. If you bring up the order in the Dashboard the order_id is in the URL. It will look something like this: tl6MiIzrhrtlKH82AHMjmDBnifKZY :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry Bryan, thank you for the guidance!

For the order I referenced above, this is from the URL when looking up the order in my dashboard. I included both of the sections to prevent me sending the wrong one again.


I took a look at the order and the ship to information is the fulfillment shipment_detials. Do you have a screenshot of what the order looks like when it prints? Also are you printing this from the Square POS to one of our supported printers?

I have attached a photo of how the ticket for this order printed from my POS. All tickets are being printed from the Square POS to a supported printer.

I am looking to get the full customer address to print in the ship to section of the ticket.

Thank you so much for your help looking into this!

This is with a printer station that’s configured to Online order tickets, right?