Address Fulfillment Information Not Returned from REST API

I’m trying to write a Python script that queries orders associated with a location. This is for a courier company doing deliveries for a client using Square. We want to look at the orders, see which are deliveries, and see the addresses for the deliveries.

When I retrieve one order the only information I get with the fulfillments is DELIVERY and COMPLETED.

[{‘uid’: ‘ltsdORudNDofDhvzNHxeRC’, ‘type’: ‘DELIVERY’, ‘state’: ‘COMPLETED’}]

How can I use the REST API to see delivery addresses for orders?

Unfortunately, this data is currently not available through the API at this time. This is a known limitation and several feature requests exists for this. I’ll update this thread to be a feature request

We are also seeing this strange limitation. For pickup orders we see both a customer_id on the orders, as well as a fulfillmentspickup_details recipientaddress, but for delivery type orders neither the customer_id, nor fulfillment address details appear to be present.

Will definitely be subscribing to this thread, as we need this information to properly integration Square in our platform.