Delivery Fulfillment Type - Java

I’m currently getting online orders created on our Weebly/Square store, setting the order status to “In Progress”, and grabbing information like customer name, phone number, and what they ordered into our internal point of sales system, which is written in Java. Example code:

String customer = orderFulfilment.getPickupDetails().getRecipient().getDisplayName();

We’d like to start providing delivery service and plan on using a local company that has their own system that I can interface with by sending an email from our back-end with an attached csv containing information like customer name, address, pick up time, etc.

I have studied the Java SDK model documentation but I cannot find the objects or methods that would allow me to get delivery information from a Square order object. Am I missing something or do they not exist at this time?

I’d really like to get this functionality implemented before it starts raining here in Seattle so my business has a better chance of surviving through the winter. The Square API has allowed us to pivot from a walk-up/dine-in only model to an order-online/window-pickup model - which has been clutch. If we’re able to offer delivery service with the help of Square and its API I believe we can make it to see another summer.

Thanks and keep doing great work.

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Hey @pelotonpaul welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately there’s no way to read delivery order details from Weebly at this time via the API (nor is there a way to create your own delivery orders via the API). I’ll update this to be a feature request so our PMs can see.

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