New Delivery Fulfillment type

So I have noticed that there is a new DELIVERY fulfillment type on the ORDERS api and was wondering why there is no address data to go with that fulfillment type. Are there any plans to add it in there so that I can use this information in an automation workflow?


Hi Luke, thanks for reaching out. Could you provide your Square application id here and I’ll take a look on my end? To be clear, I believe DELIVERY is a new type that was created with the Square Online Store and may not be entirely accessible, but I can find out for sure.

@sjosey So I keep seeing the DELIVERY address as the address of my business rather than the address the customer enters on the website. Are there any plans to fix this?

Hey @Luke I’ve messaged you for more information. Please reply there and I’ll be glad to help out :slight_smile:

@sjosey - I have the same problem as Luke getting the delivery details for orders with Fulfillment type DELIVERY that are being returned by the orders API. Would you mind posting the resolution to this thread?

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Hi @sjosey — would you mind posting a solution here or messaging it to me? Thanks for any help!

Apologies for the delay here folks. Unfortunately there is no current solution, sorry for the confusion. This information is not currently retrievable.

Also interested in using the Orders API to retrieve useful details like delivery address for my DELIVERY type fulfillments. “DELIVERY” was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic and there have been several API version releases yet for some reason this data remains unavailable in the API.


Just checking in on this issue. We really need the delivery address in the Orders API otherwise downloading those orders is useless in our delivery process. Any updates would be appreciated.


I’m with @jtstephenson on this one, just wondering if there are any updates to this? Would be immensely helpful to our workflow.


I also need this feature implemented ASAP. I have dozens of customers on my platform all using Square and several deliver their goods. I’ve worked around this by putting comments in the notes, but that means invalid data in the POS view. Besides making this an option, please return the delivery address in the Order Details. Thanks.


We would also greatly benefit from having the delivery order details accessible via the API. Please let us know once you have an update.


I work with the Orders API team and can say we are actively exploring how to expose Delivery fulfillments in the API, however, I don’t have a timeline I can share. When we are close to having a solution I will reach out to developers in this thread for participation in alpha testing.


I leave an input here to register myself to that “alpha testers” list.

Me as well, also would love to know when alpha testing is available.

@aszerlip I’d like to know when Alpha testing is available as well. We really need access to the delivery information to manage our deliveries. We also need to be able to create orders using the Delivery fulfillment type

Could I be added as an alpha tester?

Yes! I don’t have a timeline to share yet for when we plan to begin testing Delivery, but will add you to the list.

Thanks for the quick response aszerlip. We are really looking forward to this.

Will this also support Curbside, Digital and Managed Delivery too? “Delivery” is really the only one we need but the others would be nice.

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Our first priority will be Delivery with other types to follow.