How Square terminal work in offline mode?

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We are integrating terminal hardware with our own POS system through Square terminal API, we noticed terminal hardware can work in offline mode, but didn’t find the details about how our POS should work with terminal hardware in offline mode, could you please share some info about it?

We understood that terminal API is not supposed to work when terminal hardware is in offline mode, as it requires internet network, so what’s the recommended way to do it?
The background is internet network may not be available sometimes, and local network always available, we want to ensure the customers can still make payment through terminal hardware.

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The Terminal API does not support offline mode, meaning it requires an active internet connection to function. If you want to process payments in offline mode, you would need to use the Square Point of Sale application with the Point of Sale API. In the Square Point of Sale application, you can toggle on the ‘Allow Offline Mode’ setting. This allows you to continue processing payments during moments of limited internet connection. However, please note that offline payments are processed automatically when your device reconnects to the internet and payments might be declined if not processed within 24 hours.

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Will it ever support offline mode? We kinda need it. We have multiple locations, and giving all those locations the account login info in case of an emergency shouldn’t be the answer. We don’t do that of course, but that means that it takes us a while to change them over to the on-device pos for all 4 stores (more to come later). All the while customers get frustrated and we look incompetent.

We hope to have more for you in the future. Also have you looked at giving the locations device codes for accessing the native Square app when issues happen? :slightly_smiling_face: