How do you handle Square Terminal when Internet is down?

Hello Developers,

How do you handle situation when merchant’s Internet is down?

  • POS will not be able to create terminal checkout.
  • POS will not be able to check Webhooks of any TerminalCheckouts’ status.
  • Were you able to figure out Square Terminal’s ‘Offline Mode?’ How?
  • Does using a iPhone as a hotspot for POS work?
  • Internet backup? (Some ISPs provide equipments in case Internet is down with extra fee.).
  • Using ‘Offline Mode?’ If so, how do you handle this when Internet is down?

Thanks in advance.

:wave: With the Terminal API you have to have internet for it to process payment. If a sellers internet goes down you can connect to a hotspot which can be a phone hotspot to continue to process payments. :slightly_smiling_face: