Getting PaymentMethodUnsupportedError For Apple Pay initialization

Getting this error all of a sudden:

PaymentMethodUnsupportedError: Method unsupported: There was a temporary error determining your website's payment method status

Anyone have an idea of why this could be happening?

Seconded. I started receiving this issue about two days ago. Attempted to re-register the domain but to no avail. It seems to only be an issue in the Sandbox environment. When I switch to Production, Apple Pay initializes successfully.

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Hi! :wave: Thanks for letting us know. Just get an idea of timeline here, @Bordeen did this also start happening ~2 days ago for you?

I can’t say for sure as I haven’t tested our sandbox version since about a few days ago.

Got it, no problem. And is this happening for the Web Payments SDK or is it with the SqPaymentForm?

I’m experiencing this issue with Web Payments SDK.

Yes same. Web Payments SDK

Hey all, quick update here: We’ve been able to reproduce this issue and identify the root cause. The issue is limited to Sandbox, so Apple Pay in production should not be affected. We likely won’t have another update until some time next week, but the team’s working on a resolution. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and apologies for the inconvenience!

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Is there any update on this?

Hey all, we’ve made some changes on our end to address this. Does it look like the error is resolved on your end?

Looks to be working again on my end. Thanks @josh-square

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