Apple Pay is not displaying on Magento 2


I have installed SquareUp version 1.16.2 for my Magento 2.4.6p3 store. The installation was executed without problems. I created my app in the SquareUp developer portal and put my credentials for the
Sandbox” environment in the settings, then I enabled the payment method to test 2 payment methods: Google Pay and Apple Pay.

For Apple Pay, I registered and validated my development domain in the SquareUp App:
Apple Pay->Web

When I enter the Checkout of my Magento store, Apple Pay method is not displaying, but Google Pay method yes. When checking the errors in the console, I get this:

PaymentMethodUnsupportedError: Method unsupported: Apple Pay is only available on Safari.
     at new jd (square.js:1:283064)
     at Rh (square.js:1:318644)
     at square.js:1:357227
     at (<anonymous>)
     at Up (square.js:1:353801)
     at s (square.js:1:354005)

Which surprises me, since at no time did my Squareup Sales advisor tell me that Apple Pay was only enabled for Safari, since if this is the case, it would not be useful for me to use SquareUp.

Please, I await your response to validate this error.

Thanks in advance.

At this time Apple Pay is only available in Safari on Apple Pay enabled devices as listed in our prerequisites. :slightly_smiling_face:

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