ApplePay - Web Sandbox failure

Hey Square friends,
I’ve been having no issues getting Cards or Google Pay running smoothly in the sandbox, but hitting a snag with Apple Pay I can’t seem to get past. I followed the tutorial and have taken the following steps:

  1. on Square Developer dashboard, set to sandbox, downloaded the verification file for my domain
  2. uploaded the validation file to /.well-known directory on my sandbox domain
  3. verified the files match (ie no issues getting the file from the domain
  4. verified the domain on Square developer dashboard
  5. using the working locationID and appID (remember, these are working fine for card and google, I see a transaction in the API logs on the developer dashboard), trying to initialize applepay with payments.applePay(paymentRequest);

I get an error every time:
PaymentMethodUnsupportedError: Method unsupported: Your website’s domain is not registered for use with Apple Pay.
See: Take an Apple Pay Payment
at Np (square.js:1:353676)
at square.js:1:356474
at ()
at Rp (square.js:1:353114)
at s (square.js:1:353318)

Help me obi wan kenobi, you’re our only hope!

Are you using a real card or are you using one of our Sandbox test values? With Apple Pay in sandbox you have to use a valid card. :slightly_smiling_face: