Google and Apple pay integration for Web

I have downloaded the trial extension of Square Direct Payment plugin from foxnetsoft. I was trying to integrate it through nopCommerce (4.30 version). I was able to install and configure the plugin successfully. I have created a sandbox account and got the credentials. I have enabled Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallet payments in the configuration page. I was able to see Google Pay on my payment page, But when we click on the google Pay button it takes to google pay payment page and it disappears and comes back to the payment page. For Apple Pay, it asked me to download the certificate file as it needs to verify the domain. I have downloaded and placed it on our server. It says, the domain cannot be verified and the certificate file path is not accessible. But we have given all access rights to the certificate file. Kindly help me to fix these and I need to enable Gpay and Apple Pay in my webiste.

Hi @Pradeep_Subbaiyan welcome to the forums!

I’m not familiar with that plugin, and it is not one Square created, so we won’t really be able to assist you with it. I would suggest reaching out to their support team directly since we are not able to view or change the code of it to help you out.

As for Apple Pay issue, it sounds like something about the file is incorrect. Note this is Apple trying to access the file, and if it’s unable to (or if it’s in the wrong format), it will fail. Do you have your Square application id so I can take a look at your file?

Thanks for your response. I have the square application Id, Here you go Application ID: sandbox-sq0idb-fujluboWE75ip-6b32ZZWw



Following up via DM as I do not want to publicly share your website without your authorization :slightly_smiling_face:

I can share it here, or via email.

Sorry for the confusion, I messaged you. Please see your messages in the top right (click your icon and then the little “mail” icon).

. You mean on the square developer profile page right. I have highlighted the mail icon in the attached image. Is that the one you are speaking about.


Yes :slight_smile: please click it and respond via there so it’s private.

I think we’re on different pages. I was asking you to reply via message so it’s private, not here. I do not need access to your web domain. The issue is, you didn’t put your apple pay cert in the right place.

I see the Apple Pay file is supposed to be located here:, and when I go to this page, I get a 404 not found, so something is not setup correctly.