Development effort to integrate Payments SDK into iOS

What is the effort to integrate the Payments SDK into an iOS app and desktop web? How many weeks and developers roughly for our inhouse team?

Integrating with our APIs and SDKs is pretty easy however specific time frames will depend on the complexity of the project and the developers themselves. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you point me to some documentation and any example code? Thanks

Yeah, of course. With Square Web Payments SDK it provides a secure buyer payment card entry method along with other secure payment methods. The SDK produces a secure one-time use payment token that your application web client sends to your backend, where it is processed as a payment with the Payments API. The Web Payments SDK was created to make integration with your web application simpler and provide better performance. The SDK provides the following advantages:

  • Granular configuration. You only need to write configuration code for the payment methods that your application accepts. Each payment method has its own objects with configuration options appropriate for the method.
  • Promise-based pattern. The async/await pattern is used in place of the callback pattern of earlier payment libraries. This pattern lets your application react to events in a more reasonable way with less code.
  • Automatic localization. The SDK determines the locale of the buyer’s browser automatically. However, your application can override localization by setting a configuration option.

The Web Payments SDK produces payment tokens from any of the following payment methods:

To get started, please visit our Web Payments SDK documentation. :slightly_smiling_face: