Can i create Payment Gateway?

We are trying to create a plugin in which we create a checkout page. I am trying to create a payment gateway for our plugin. Can anyone tell me which API I used?.

After I created the API, I got an error like this:
An account is not authorized to accept credit cards.
What should I do to resolve this issue?
Could you please tell us how Square can be used as a payment gateway?

Please accept my sincere thanks in advance.

:wave: With Square to create a checkout page you’ll want to use our Web Payments SDK with the Payments API. With Square Web Payments SDK it provides a secure buyer payment card entry method along with other secure payment methods. The SDK produces a secure one-time use payment token that your application web client sends to your backend, where it is processed as a payment with the Payments API. The Web Payments SDK was created to make integration with your web application simpler and provide better performance. The SDK provides the following advantages:

  • Granular configuration. You only need to write configuration code for the payment methods that your application accepts. Each payment method has its own objects with configuration options appropriate for the method.
  • Promise-based pattern. The async/await pattern is used in place of the callback pattern of earlier payment libraries. This pattern lets your application react to events in a more reasonable way with less code.
  • Automatic localization. The SDK determines the locale of the buyer’s browser automatically. However, your application can override localization by setting a configuration option.

The Web Payments SDK produces payment tokens from any of the following payment methods:

To get started, please visit our Web Payments SDK documentation.

Before you can accept card payments through your Square account, you’ll need to complete the last step, which includes a basic identity verification. That is why you got that error message. To complete the activation process:

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard > click Setup Guide .
  2. Select Get Paid > Verify Your Identity .

If you are having trouble locating your Setup Guide on your Square Dashboard and you already started the enrollment process for Square Online:

  1. Go to your Square Online Overview page and select Settings > Checkout .
  2. Under Square, select Verify Identity .
  3. On the next page, complete all required fields regarding you and your business.

If you have any trouble entering your information, keep these tips in mind:

  • Enter your legal first and last name. If you recently changed your name, enter your previous name. (e.g., If you recently married, try entering your maiden name.)
  • Use your current home address. If this is the address you initially entered, or if you’ve moved within the last 6 months, try using your previous home address. :slightly_smiling_face: