Create Invoice API from NetSuite Qty only has 1 decimal place, Export has 2 decimal places

We have a Celigo Integration creating a Square invoice from a NetSuite SS. The qty has 2 decimal places, and we need 2 decimal places on our invoices. The Square invoice rounds up the Qty to only 1 decimal place. I am importing from the Celigo Handlebar expressions, but in the API Developer there isn’t a reference to Qty under the create invoice API.

Example the Qty should be 25.39 and the total is correct at 380.85; however the customer calculated 25.4 * 15.00 = 381.00 and requested a credit. This is causing additional work on our accounting team.

Please, please, please tell me that the Qty can have more than 1 decimal place.

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The Square Invoices API currently supports quantity precision up to a single decimal place. This means that quantities with more than one decimal place will be rounded to the nearest tenth. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to change this setting to allow for more decimal places in the quantity field.

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Thank you for the quick response. Is increasing the decimal place being considered for any future updates? Is there a forum to request this update of the development team?

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I have located the seller community product liaison team page where I will make this recommendation for future development.

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