Square List Payments API Results only return one location ID

We have a Celigo Integration, pulling in Square Payments through the List Payments API, matching the Location_id to the Location_ID in NetSuite. This API only pulls 1 location, and we currently have 7 locations and will be scaling to over 30 locations. How do we pull the List Payments with all locations in order to integrate into a payment record in NetSuite.

I must me missing something.

Thank you.


Paula Courtemanche
[email protected]

This is the expected behavior. To integrate Square Payments from multiple locations into NetSuite using the Celigo Integration, you will need to iterate over each location and pull the payments for each one separately. The Square List Payments API allows you to filter payments by location_id , but it does not support fetching payments from multiple locations in a single API call. Therefore, you will have to make separate API calls for each location and aggregate the results. :slightly_smiling_face: