Getting a "The balance must be greater than $1" error when creating an invoice

I am getting a “The balance must be greater than $1” error when creating an invoice. I successfully create the order, but I am getting hung up on this error. Keep in mind that this is in the sandbox mode. I will give more information if necessary, but I will say that the orders totals are correctly mentioned, and the due date for the invoice is set to a week from now. I am not sure why I am getting this error, so I would like to know if perhaps anyone has something that could help me find the solution to this.

Thanks in advance!

:wave: What’s the total for the order? Is it 100? That would be $1.00 cause with Square’s APIs, the amount field is always in the smallest denomination of the currency indicated by currency_code. When currency_code is USD (US dollars), the amount will reflect in cents. For example, an object priced at $5.00 will be inputted as 500 in the amount field. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see. I put in exactly 99 lol

I have a new problem now:

When I go to publish the invoice, I get an error saying that the balance has to be between $1 and $50,000

What did you pass into the request? Have you tried 100 which is $1.00? :slightly_smiling_face: