Invoice Total must be between $1 and $50,000 when publishing an invoice

I am trying to create a process to create an invoice and show it.

Thus far, I have been able to do everything in the process except publishing the invoice, wherein I get an error of “Invoice total must be between $1.00 and $50,000.00”.

I have already set the current total of it to $99 dollars per a previous question that I asked here. I hope someone can tell me where i’m going wrong. Thanks. I will provide more information if necessary.

Error in picture: strong text

:wave: If they amount your trying to charge is $99 are you passing the amount to Square as 9900? :slightly_smiling_face:

I put it as 99 * 100, because from another thread, someone told me that the denomination they are using is cents, not dollars. So I just multiplied it by 100.

I hope this clarifies things.

If that’s what you’re doing that’s perfect. What’s the application ID you’re using to get this error with?

application ID? I’m using version 0 for the invoice. Not sure if that’s what you meant though

It’s the application ID that you created in your Developer Dashboard. Also I checked your API Logs and the order that you created the invoice with is a $0 order. You’ll need to create a new order for an amount greater then $1.00 and then create and publish the invoice. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll need to create a new order for an amount greater then $1.00 and then create and publish the invoice.

Just to clarify, this necessarily means that I did not create an order worth more than $1, despite the fact that I set the total of one item to $99, is that correct?

The application ID is sandbox-sq0idb-AL-WY9miwx2OIzZA3yDkPg

I took a look at all the orders you’ve created at this time there isn’t an order that’s over $1.00. The largest order total is for $0.99.

If you create a new order and set the amount to 9900 it will create your $99.00 order. You’ll then be able to create and publish the invoice. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have set the order to $99 via the setTotalMoney() method and setBasePriceMoney() method. It still doesn’t reflect on the order’s totals.

Additionally, how come I cannot find the orders I made in the dashboard? I have it checked to show all the orders.

I guess what i’m trying to say is, i’m still not sure where specifically to set the order of the total for it to actually reflect in the order. I’m adding the total in the line items, but it’s not reflecting in the final total of the order. I can’t put it in the total of the order since it’s read only.

Orders will only show in the Orders section if they have a fulfillment and have been fully paid for. For example if you create an order like:

  "idempotency_key": "{{$guid}}",
  "order": {
    "location_id": "{{location_id}}",
  	"reference_id": "my-order-0001",
  	  "line_items": [
      "name": "Invoice to be paid",
      "quantity": "1",
      "base_price_money": {
        "amount": 9900,
        "currency": "USD"
  "fulfillments": [
      "type": "PICKUP",
      "status": "PROPOSED",
        "is_square_pickup_order": true,
          "display_name": "customer_name",
          "email_address": "recipient email address",
          "phone_number": "1 (234) 567 8900"
        "schedule_type": "ASAP",
        "pickup_at": "2022-03-23T01:02:05+00:01",
        "pickup_window_duration": "P1W3D",
        "prep_time_duration": "P1W3D",

Then create an invoice with the order and pay for it the order will show in the Orders section of the Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see. Is it possible to ontain a published invoice page without paying for an order, or having the payment be part of an installment plan?

It won’t show in the Dashboard till it’s fully paid for at this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay thank you. :slight_smile:

I am still having a problem with setting the right order amount though. What is the specific attribute, in either the order submission or the invoice submission, that will make the amount be $99? Because I tried it with the setting the amount + quantity for line orders and it didn’t work. I don’t think the orders are computing what’s supposed to be the invoice total properly.

That’s it. It’s base_price_money > amount.