Error: Order uses pricing rules and cannot be claimed

I created an order using the Orders API successfully. When creating the draft invoice I get the error message: "Error: -2147220991, Square error! Order uses pricing rules and cannot be claimed.
A search on this forum or the internet did not yield any result.

In the order I use “pricing options - auto_apply_taxes”. If I leave that out, the error goes away.
But I want to leave that in - it’s an easy way to have applicable taxes applied.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

Hi @ErikB welcome to the forums!

That’s the first I’ve seen of this error. Could you share the order_id and invoice_id and I’ll take a closer look on our side?

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for the quick response.

There is no Invoice ID since creation came back with the error.
Order ID: c4c3SiRftGECEc2paRkY6sba7PbZY

Over the weekend I implemented an alternative way: create a tax uid and
add this to the items that have (sales) tax. That works fine, but I
would prefer the ‘auto_apply_taxes’ to work.

There is another issue, and I sent an e-mail about this before. An
invoice created with “SHARE_MANUALLY” will still cause an error when the
customer does not have an e-mail address on record. I don’t think that
makes a lot of sense since the e-mail address is not needed.

Best Regards,

Erik B

I checked in with some folks, and it looks like that is correct: you can’t use an order that has any pricing rules (auto taxes/discounts/rewards), on an invoice, unfortunately. We are looking to add that to our “Limitations” section of the dashboard, thanks for sharing.

Hello Stephen,

I sent an e-mail about this before. An invoice created with
“SHARE_MANUALLY” will still cause an error when the customer does not
have an e-mail address on record. I don’t think that makes a lot of
sense since the e-mail address is not needed.

The Order generation and Draft invoice generation go OK, it is the
Publish Invoice that fails.

Order: “KT0iw5NvELo8Exhw1fkA6HBBaePZY”
Draft invoice: “inv:0-ChBhIwZo8dLKnfE9KYU8bswHEPME”

Error after publish request:
“Square error! httpResponseCode = 400, responseValue = {“errors”:
[{“code”: “BAD_REQUEST”,“detail”: “Payer email is required”,“field”:

I hope you can take a look into this.
Thank you.

Best Regards,

Erik Bleys
Millstone Bakery

Sorry I forgot to touch on that in the previous response. I did check with the team and this is intended behavior. From the invoices side, it sounds like we need at least some sort of buyer identification for risk purposes.

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your response.

I must say you have such a powerful set of API functions, and yet your
team sometimes makes these strange feature decisions.

How can an e-mail address be a buyer identification? If I have bad
intentions I would use [email protected] and I’m pretty sure
the API would accept it. Getting an e-mail address from a customer is
tedious. Each letter needs to be spelled and spelled back to reduce errors.

Another example is Searching customers. A lot of query options, but no
search by name. Who comes up with that?
Imagine searching for a street on Google maps. You can search using the
date the street was created, when it was last repaired, the Google
street ID, … Would not work very well, don’t you think.

Best Regards,

Erik Bleys
Millstone Bakery

We definitely appreciate your feedback, I’m simply informing you that it is the intended behavior currently. The team is aware of this ask, and we’ll be sure to update this thread should it change.

Why can’t we use the option to apply taxes automatically to an order for later create an Invoice? it’s none sense… do you have plans to allow it`?

:wave: At this time it still isn’t available and we’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you explain what is the purpose for that option? we create the order with api allowing taxes automatically… then what can be done? we go to Orders in the Dashboard and there is nothing, we can’t create Invoices, we are trying to understand what to do with what we have done until we get the taxes added with api item by item. So, what can we do there with those api orders? can those orders be found somehow if they are not in the Orders page in the dashboard? can Invoices be created manually from there in the dashboard manually somehow? what can be done there?

To whom this may concern:

Without realizing the Limitation noted in this thread, today I encountered the exact same issue as ErikB - i.e. When creating a Draft Invoice (that includes your convenient “pricing option: .AutoApplyTaxes(true)” - I’m getting the same “Order ‘xxx…999’ uses pricing rules and cannot be claimed” error.

And also like ErikB, I prefer to use this feature to apply the taxes to the Order/Invoice!

Please advise!

And if you’re going to tell me this remains a Limitation, PLEASE tell me how to Apply Taxes to both the Order and have said Taxes show up on the Invoice.


Hi @mTigar, yes this remains a limitation. However, you can still apply taxes manually to an order, then create an invoice with it. You can find more information on how to do this with the Orders API at Apply Taxes and Discounts.