Error: Order uses pricing rules and cannot be claimed

I created an order using the Orders API successfully. When creating the draft invoice I get the error message: "Error: -2147220991, Square error! Order uses pricing rules and cannot be claimed.
A search on this forum or the internet did not yield any result.

In the order I use “pricing options - auto_apply_taxes”. If I leave that out, the error goes away.
But I want to leave that in - it’s an easy way to have applicable taxes applied.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

Hi @ErikB welcome to the forums!

That’s the first I’ve seen of this error. Could you share the order_id and invoice_id and I’ll take a closer look on our side?

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for the quick response.

There is no Invoice ID since creation came back with the error.
Order ID: c4c3SiRftGECEc2paRkY6sba7PbZY

Over the weekend I implemented an alternative way: create a tax uid and
add this to the items that have (sales) tax. That works fine, but I
would prefer the ‘auto_apply_taxes’ to work.

There is another issue, and I sent an e-mail about this before. An
invoice created with “SHARE_MANUALLY” will still cause an error when the
customer does not have an e-mail address on record. I don’t think that
makes a lot of sense since the e-mail address is not needed.

Best Regards,

Erik B

I checked in with some folks, and it looks like that is correct: you can’t use an order that has any pricing rules (auto taxes/discounts/rewards), on an invoice, unfortunately. We are looking to add that to our “Limitations” section of the dashboard, thanks for sharing.