Maximum amount of Invoice reached when importing Invoices into Square for Payment. - Workaround?

I received this error today stating that I can’t import an invoice over $50k into Square. Is there any type of workaround/coding that we can implement to import invoices over $50k, through the API. We have multiple invoices over $50k.

||{“errors”:[{“code”:“BAD_REQUEST”,“detail”:“Invoice total must be between $0.01 and $50,000.00”,“category”:“INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR”}]}

View export record|400|Square|Value|05/06/2024 4:24:05 pm|

Paula Courtemanche
[email protected]

At this time the most you can charge is 50k. If you need to invoice a customer for more then you’ll need to send multiple invoices. :slightly_smiling_face:

To handle invoices over $50k, you could split the invoice into multiple parts, each under the $50k limit, and import them separately. This approach would comply with Square’s API restrictions while still allowing you to process larger transactions.