Can't seem to import production items to sandbox

I need to build in some of these products to match up with a product list from another system, so im trying to take the item library from the production site and insert it into my sandbox, but it won’t work. If I simply export/import, the only “column” that shows up in “Instructions”. If I edit the xlsx file to remove the rows before the header row, then the importer acts like there isn’t any data in the document. I’ve tried CSV, CSV edited in a plain text editor, XLSX, XLSX edited in OpenOffice, XLSX edited in Excel, and XLSX edited in Google Sheets. I am at a loss. HELP?

An error about this shows briefly before the import matching tool appears. It says “Import file should contain at least a header and one data row.” It does. So I’m stymied.

If you’re having trouble importing your item library, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you’re using your item library file from your online Square Dashboard. To access it, visit Items & Orders > Items > Actions > Import Library and select your option > click Next > Download your item library. If this is your first time importing a new list of items, select Download our template.
  2. Be sure to save the file as a .xlsx or .csv. The item import tool won’t work with XLS, XLSM or any other file type.
  3. When editing the template, don’t change any information in the Token column or delete any empty columns.
  4. Don’t change the file name.
  5. Remove any commas from text you’ve added to the file (you can add them back to your item names, descriptions, or modifiers once they’ve been imported to your library).
  6. Double check that all of your items have unique names.

Check our Support Center for more advice on troubleshooting your item import.

If you’re transferring item libraries between Square accounts, tax rates and modifiers must be manually created for the new library. :slight_smile: