Running Catalog Sync Doesn't Import Database to Square from Magento 2


When clicking the “Run Catalog Sync” option, the page refreshes and it says “Sync Running” but after it’s complete nothing is ultimately imported to my Square dashboard. Is there another way to force a sync either by downloading my product catalog and linking them that way?

Thank you!

:wave: What’s the application ID that you’re seeing this with? :slightly_smiling_face:


So I was able to resolve it by manually going into every product and updating the total inventory amount. This automatically propagated the products into Square.

But now I have another issue. How do I get the customizable options to appear in Square? For example we have a hospital bed with different mattress options but the base bed remains the same. Is there a way around the whole “create 100 variations” of the same item for accessory attachments?

Thank you

Have you looked at using Item Options or Custom Attributes for the additional options? :slightly_smiling_face: