Sandbox Dashboard Items not loading

Hi, I’m trying to create an item in our sandbox account’s dashboard, to then fetch from the API.

The item appears to be created, but when I edit it I get “Some settings didn’t load successfully. Try refreshing this page or come back again.”

When I refresh the item library dashboard, the item is gone.

Sandbox account id: sandbox-sq0idb-9OyqW_2Obzu1AeWT2tbAIw

We were able to workaround this by exporting our items, then re-importing.

However, any time we add a new item we have to export then re-import.

Hey @cfremgen, sorry to hear you’re running into these issues. So if I’m understanding correctly, you’re unable to use the Sandbox Seller Dashboard UI at all to add new catalog items, and can only do so via exporting and re-importing the CSV?

When you attempt to use the UI to create the item, are there any errors being thrown in your browser console?

Hi Josh,
You’re correct. I can create the item. It disappears when I reload the item library. If I export, then reimport the catalog, it does appear in the item library (

There are some CORS errors, but nothing to suggest a front end exception:

This is consistently reproducible in our sandbox account.

Thanks for checking @cfremgen! I was able to reproduce this on my own account, and am escalating it to the team.

Hey @cfremgen! We deployed a fix for this, so the issue should be resolved. Let me know if you’re seeing the issue persist.

Hi @josh-square , Looks good. Thanks for the quick fix!

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