Sandbox - Added item via api does not show on 'item' dashboard, but is present in catalog api response

Added a Category and Item using batch upsert api (sandbox). In the Sandbox dashboard, the category showed up, but the item did not.

  1. In expanding the category the item was in the category. However the item did not appear in the item library. The item was added to a specific location.
  2. Retrieved the Catalog using the catalog/list api, and the item was present.
    Any hints? Thx - Vasan

Hi @vasan,

A sellable items is composed of an ITEM and a related ITEM_VARIATION (see the overview here).

If you created an ITEM CatalogObject but not a related ITEM_VARIATION, the item will not appear in the library.

The ITEM_VARIATION is what’s actually sold (has a SKU, price, etc) while the ITEM is the means for grouping related variations.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply. I had the variation. However I found that the “item_data.”“product_type”: “REGULAR” worked. Earlier I had “item_data.”“product_type”: “APPOINTMENT_SERVICE” which did not show up.
Probably this intentional?

got the same problem…

:wave: Dose the catalog object you created have item variations? :slightly_smiling_face:

My mistake, I didn´t fully understand some concepts, I was trying to retrieve data in instead of Everything is working fine. Excuse me!