Account activation

I am a square developer who used their api to integrate a payment portal on my website.

When trying to switch to production I see a message that says:

You must activate your Square account for payments by visiting before you can process card payments in production.

When clicking this link, I get sent to our dashboard. No message or help, just the dashboard. At that point, I try to finish the set up process by clicking the “Setup Guide” at the top. The only thing not checked is the “Create or connect your online store”. I then choose “view other apps” under "setup your online store, I then choose my website only to get taken back to my developer dashboard with the same message as before.

What do I do to activate my account???

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Could you provide your Square application id here and I’ll take a look on our side? Are you trying to make API calls for yourself, or another merchant as well?

Hi sjosey!

Our application ID is: sq0idp-sRhyN0eRossUCwEs4uadYA

After writing this I found that our account had been deactivated without us having any idea!! I never got an email, or anything notifying me. We’ve never even accepted a payment! I’ve been developing this website for months now, and now I’m not sure what to do. I’d love to know what I did to have our account deactivated so I could fix the problem!

Is there any advice you can give me? When calling square I can’t get to a human to talk to, and just get an automatic message saying that i’ve been deactivated. Please help me resolve this! We want to use square!

Thanks for sharing! I’ve escalated to another team and I believe they’ll be reaching out via the email you signed up with. Please keep an eye out there!

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We are also facing this issue. can the solution be stated here. so when someone else search about the issue they willl just check in this thread.

There is not a solution that you can do - this was literally folks from Square reaching out directly. Typically this is Square asking you to confirm some information about your business, but definitely not always the case. In this case, though, you should’ve received an email or phone call from Square directly. If you didn’t answer, then it will stay deactivated. However, to be very clear, an entirely different part of Square owns this entire process and I do not personally have much insight into it. Feel free to message me directly with more information that I can pass along if you still have questions.

I have been trying to reply the deactivation email from square on the email attached to my square account but I always got a reply that “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” (The following message was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:
5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 552-’#5.3.4 message header size exceeds limit’)

I received a deactivation email on September 3rd that my money will be sent on December 3rd and till today, December 10 I got nothing. I’ve sent several emails to square through your website since last week, I got nothing. The email attached to my account is [ [email protected] ]. Thank you

I’m having the same problem. I want to go to production but I don’t have the account activated.
AppId: sq0idp-bQJhYY0hEph5Fdz91tm32w
Any ideas?

@gdbonino Are you going to have other Square sellers use your application or is this an application that your using for yourself? Cause I took a look at the account and it’s an account that’s not in one of our supported regions which is why your not able to activate the account.

If other Square sellers are going to use your application through OAuth then they’ll be able to use the application with there accounts in our supported regions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Bryan!
No, it’s for my own use. Are the zones detailed on any page? Is it planned to add Argentina as an authorized zone?

Here’s the supported countries and unfortunately Argentina isn’t currently a supported region. :slightly_smiling_face: