Payment charged to deactivated account

Hi support,

We have one client that made payment using the Point of Sales API to a deactivated Square account. The payments were still went going through but there is no record of any transaction in the month of January when our client contacted Square support. The POS API was still working during that time. Is there any way to find any record of the transaction? We don’t have the APP ID anymore and our client can no longer access their account to retrieve their account information. We have our client email account address if you need it.

:wave: Do you have the merchant_id or location_id for the account? :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, we don’t have it. The only thing we know is the username, [email protected]. Our client was using Brook’s Square account with our app. We have switched them to our Square account. I think Brook can no longer log into their deactivated account to retrieve any information.


Do you have an update?

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do here since this is account related and not developer related. The owner of the Square account can contact Square Customer Success to reactivate the account so they can gain access to the payment data. :slightly_smiling_face: