2020-05-28 Changelog

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Version summary

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SDK releases

  • Breaking change to Header add() method. Now only accepts String (Java, C#, Ruby, Python)
  • All classes in Java and C# now wrapped with interfaces to allow easier mocking
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API releases

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Existing API updates

  • Orders API

    • CalculateOrder (beta) endpoint. Use the endpoint to calculate adjustments (for example, taxes and discounts) to an order for preview purposes. In response, the endpoint returns the order showing the calculated totals. You can use this endpoint with an existing order or an order that has not been created.

      The endpoint does not update an existing order. It only returns a calculated view of the order that you provided in the request. To create or update an order, use the CreateOrder and UpdateOrder endpoints, respectively.

    • Order type. Two fields are added in support of the Loyalty API integration. For more information, see Deferred reward creation. For an example, see Redeem Points.

      • Order.rewards represents rewards added to an order by calling the CreateLoyaltyReward endpoint.
      • Order.discount.reward_ids indicates that a discount is the result of the specified rewards that were added to an order using the CreateLoyaltyReward endpoint.
  • Customers API

    • The Search Customers endpoint supports search by email address, phone number, and reference ID with the following additional query filters:
    • The created_at, updated_at, and id attributes on the Customer resource are updated to be optional. As a result, they no longer are required input parameters when you call the Square SDKs to create a Customer object. You might need to update the dependent SDKs to the latest version to mediate breaking your existing code.
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