2022-08-17 Changelog

Checkout API
Customer Custom Attributes API
Customers API
Gift Card Activities API
Locations API
Loyalty API
Payments API
Terminal API
Webhook Subscriptions API
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New API releases

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API updates

  • Checkout API:

  • Customer Custom Attributes API:

    • The Customer Custom Attributes API has moved to the general availability (GA) state.
    • UpsertCustomerCustomAttribute and BulkUpsertCustomerCustomAttributes endpoints. The absolute value of a Number-type custom attribute provided in the request cannot exceed (2^63-1)/10^5, or 92233720368547. This constraint applies to all Square versions.
    • Webhooks. Added new .owned and .visible webhooks that allow you to receive notifications about changes to all custom attribute definitions and custom attributes owned by your application or visible to your application. The existing webhooks are deprecated and replaced by the new webhooks. For more information, see Migration notes.
  • Customers API:

  • Gift Card Activities API:

    • CreateGiftCardActivity endpoint. The redeem_activity_id field is now required to create a REFUND activity. This requirement applies when custom payment processing applications refund a gift card payment to the same gift card.
    • The recommendation for all third-party applications to use the REFUND activity type for all gift card refunds has been revised. Instead, applications that use a custom payment processing system should use the UNLINKED_ACTIVITY_REFUND activity to refund cross-tender payments.
  • Locations API:

    • Address object. The following fields that were previously removed are now restored:
      • sublocality_2
      • sublocality_3
      • administrative_district_level_2
      • administrative_district_level_3
      • first_name
      • last_name
  • Loyalty API:

    • The Loyalty API now supports creating and managing loyalty promotions. Loyalty promotions enable customers to earn extra loyalty points. For more information, see Manage Loyalty Promotions. This change introduces the following new endpoints:
    • AccumulateLoyaltyPoints endpoint. The following changes apply:
      • The event field in the response is deprecated and replaced by the events field. Starting in Square version 2022-08-17, event is no longer returned. For more information, see Migration notes.
      • The response now includes an ACCUMULATE_PROMOTION_POINTS event if the specified order qualifies for promotion points. This event type is only supported for applications that use the Orders API to process orders.
    • CalculateLoyaltyPoints endpoint. The following changes apply:
      • Added the loyalty_account_id field to the request, which determines how promotion points are computed for the specified Square order.
      • Added the promotion_points field to the response, which contains the computed promotion points for the specified Square order.
    • AdjustLoyaltyPoints endpoint. Added the allow_negative_balance field, which indicates whether to allow a negative adjustment to result in a negative point balance.
    • Webhooks. Added the loyalty.promotion.created and loyalty.promotion.updated webhook events.
  • Payments API:

    • Payment object. For PayPay payments, the Payment.wallet_details.brand field value is now set to PAYPAY.
    • CreatePayment endpoint. This endpoint now returns a PAYMENT_AMOUNT_MISMATCH error code when the amount provided in the request does not match the expected amount.
  • Terminal API:

    • PayPay is now available in Japan as a payment source for in-person payments only.
    • TerminalCheckout object. The payment_type field now supports the PayPay value, which allows the Square Terminal to launch the PayPay checkout screen.
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