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Customer Custom Attributes API

Bulk upsert customer custom attributes



Use this endpoint to set the value of one or more custom attributes for one or more customer profiles. A custom attribute is based on a custom attribute definition in a Square seller account, which is created using the CreateCustomerCustomAttributeDefinition endpoint.

This BulkUpsertCustomerCustomAttributes endpoint accepts a map of 1 to 25 individual upsert requests and returns a map of individual upsert responses. Each upsert request has a unique ID and provides a customer ID and custom attribute. Each upsert response is returned with the ID of the corresponding request.

To create or update a custom attribute owned by another application, the visibility setting must be VISIBILITY_READ_WRITE_VALUES. Note that seller-defined custom attributes (also known as custom fields) are always set to VISIBILITY_READ_WRITE_VALUES.

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Request body

Example code

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A map containing 1 to 25 individual upsert requests. For each request, provide an arbitrary ID that is unique for this BulkUpsertCustomerCustomAttributes request and the information needed to create or update a custom attribute.

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Response fields

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A map of responses that correspond to individual upsert requests. Each response has the same ID as the corresponding request and contains either a customer_id and custom_attribute or an errors field.

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Any errors that occurred during the request.