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2020-12-16 Changelog

Square Customers API Loyalty API Invoices API Orders API Catalog API Bookings API

Version Summary


  • Invoices API: (beta)

    • Invoice object. Added the custom_fields field, which contains up to two customer-facing, seller-defined fields to display on the invoice. For more information, see Custom fields.
      As part of this change, the following objects are added:

    • InvoiceRequestMethod enum. Added the read-only CHARGE_BANK_ON_FILE value, which represents a bank transfer automatic payment method for a recurring invoice.

  • Square Node.js SDK:

    The new Square Node.js SDK is now GA and replaces the deprecated Connect Node.js SDK. The Connect Node.js SDK entered the security maintenance phase on 2020-12-16. For migration information, see the Connect SDK README.

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