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APIExperts created two dozen plugins using Square APIs to help its customers.


  • APIExperts has developed more than 24 plugins using Square APIs. The two most popular are WP Easy Pay and WooSquare Plus, each with a user base of 4,000+ connected merchants.
  • The team was attracted to Square because it offered a complete solution for business owners to connect their in-person and online stores.
  • Square’s easy documentation and support channels accelerate APIExperts’ development process.
  • Its customers are excited to use the plugins because Square simplifies running a business for them. In turn, APIExperts has built a successful business creating products that help its customers. Using gaps to build solutions

WP Experts, the parent company, was created in 2011. Using the WordPress ecosystem, the company started building easy and simple business solutions. To meet the demand for API integrations, the company dedicated a department to building specialized API-based solutions; this group was later rebranded as

With almost a decade of experience, APIExperts has developed dozens of plugins for multiple platforms. The company closely follows current gaps and demands in the industry and conducts its research to develop interesting product solutions. In some cases, clients come to it with requests, and it transforms the custom solution to be presented as a stand-alone product.

A partnership that began with plugins

As APIExperts looked for growth opportunities, Square caught its attention by offering business owners a complete solution. The ability to connect in-person and online stores using Square APIs gave birth to its first product, WooSquare. Later it released an advanced version of the same product, WooSquare Plus. APIExperts created its unique niche by building advanced Square and WooCommerce integrations with fast and responsive customer support.

Initially, the team was independently developing complex products on the Square platform and saw large growth using Square plugins. In October 2018, formed an official partnership with Square to collaborate directly and solve high-volume challenges.

“From day one, even when we were not partners with Square, the support was excellent. The support in the Square Slack channel was better than we ever hoped for. The documentation is organized cleanly and professionally, which really accelerates our development process.”

Utilizing the breadth of Square’s platform solutions, the company has integrated with at least nine Square APIs, including Payments API, Orders API, Catalog API, Inventory API, and Customers API. Saad Iqbal, founder and CEO of, says, “Support and documentation are the two most important things when working with any API, and Square has both. It was a good experience working with Square API as it keeps updating with the latest standards and improvements with new services and endpoints as per client requirements, which gives us more room to expand the functionality of our existing products.”

Plugins help fuel growth

To date, APIExperts has developed approximately 24 Square plugins, with more currently in progress. Out of these 24, the two most popular are WP Easy Pay and WooSquare Plus, each representing a user base of 4,000+ merchants. With WP Easy Pay, customers can create buttons, forms, and modal pop-ups, and take subscription payments. WooSquare Plus helps customers easily sync inventory and orders from their WooCommerce stores with Square, save cards on file, support variable products, and take recurring payments.

APIExperts has grown primarily through organic traffic with unique solutions that easily resolve issues for Square customers. “Square has also allowed us to grow our marketing and development efforts because of the positive acclaim we received on our Square integrated solutions,” says Saad Iqbal.

APIExperts continues to develop Square plugins to meet its customers’ needs. It’s integrating with the new Gift Cards API in beta and adding digital wallets in a few products, a popular customer request.

“Our customers are really excited and interested to use tools built with Square as it simplifies things for them. There is a huge audience that is looking for the connectivity between online and offline stores. This is where we can help them and are able to generate good revenue with the products.”

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