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Booking Custom Attributes API

Retrieve booking custom attribute definition



Retrieves a bookings custom attribute definition.

To call this endpoint with buyer-level permissions, set APPOINTMENTS_READ for the OAuth scope. To call this endpoint with seller-level permissions, set APPOINTMENTS_ALL_READ and APPOINTMENTS_READ for the OAuth scope.

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Path parameters

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The key of the custom attribute definition to retrieve. If the requesting application is not the definition owner, you must use the qualified key.

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Query parameters

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The current version of the custom attribute definition, which is used for strongly consistent reads to guarantee that you receive the most up-to-date data. When included in the request, Square returns the specified version or a higher version if one exists. If the specified version is higher than the current version, Square returns a BAD_REQUEST error.

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Response fields

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The retrieved custom attribute definition.

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Any errors that occurred during the request.