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Booking Custom Attributes API

Bulk delete booking custom attributes



Bulk deletes bookings custom attributes.

To call this endpoint with buyer-level permissions, set APPOINTMENTS_WRITE for the OAuth scope. To call this endpoint with seller-level permissions, set APPOINTMENTS_ALL_WRITE and APPOINTMENTS_WRITE for the OAuth scope.

For calls to this endpoint with seller-level permissions to succeed, the seller must have subscribed to Appointments Plus or Appointments Premium.

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Request body

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A map containing 1 to 25 individual Delete requests. For each request, provide an arbitrary ID that is unique for this BulkDeleteBookingCustomAttributes request and the information needed to delete a custom attribute.

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Response fields

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A map of responses that correspond to individual delete requests. Each response has the same ID as the corresponding request and contains booking_id and errors field.

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Any errors that occurred during the request.