Where to view declined transaction history AND SCA for USA merchant

I just started using Square this year and I am located in the USA but have a lot of customers from other countries.

I am now seeing a lot of declines from UK customers. Shouldn’t they be prompted for SCA even if I, the merchant, is located in the USA?

And where can I see a history of transactions including declines? The API logs show nothing for me.

If your account is a US account then UK customers aren’t required to go through SCA. If they’re getting declined then they should reach out to their bank to approve the payments.

If you want to see declined payments in your Seller Dashboard your Transaction Status report gives you information about any unprocessed transactions, including declined and cancelled transactions and other uncompleted transactions in which a customer’s card was swiped, inserted or manually entered, but not charged.

To view the Transaction Status report:

  1. Visit Reporting > Reports tab on your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Transaction Status towards the bottom-left of the menu.
  3. Select your reporting location.
  4. Use the date-selector at the top-left corner to define the range of payments. Click the middle of the date-selector tool to see a full calendar view.

Learn more about Summaries and Reports from your Square Dashboard via our Support Center.

Otherwise the Payments API will return all payments including declined payments. :slightly_smiling_face: