Transactions Always Show as "In Person" in customer statements


We’re an online e-commerce platform and have been using square for payments for a few years now. Transactions mostly work, but every day 3-6% of our transactions are rejected with a GENERIC_DECLINE code. The strange part is a subset of these seem intermittent - customers report they can successfully re-attempt an order and have it go through successfully, which lines up with our logs from our square webhooks.

The issues also seem intermittent with users being able to successfully have a transaction go through one day and get a GENERIC_DECLINE a day or two later.

Customers have reported that our transactions are showing up as an “In Person” transaction rather than an “Online” transaction - this has lead to us questioning whether we have something misconfigured in our setup and possibly resulting in customers’ banks marking the transaction as fraudulent; we’re based in WA, and our data does seem to indicate users are more likely to get generic declines the further from the state they are - for example we’ve seen 10% of WA-based user transactions this year get declined with GENERIC_DECLINE vs 20% of FL-based user transactions. We also see a larger % of GENERIC_DECLINES when running back-end shipping charges at the end of a month for our customers, a subset of which are also intermittent as they get through when an internal admin manually charges shipping during normal business hours.

Any suggestions on how we should be approaching this? We’ve tried transactions with both a physical and mobile location but both still show up as “In Person”.